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Why BGM?

BG Materials (BGM) is a specialty materials supplier to the battery and advanced electronics industry. The Company has developed proprietary processes to produce low-cost Nickel Hydroxide, Cobalt, Zinc Oxide and Calcium Zincate that meet the needs of the battery industry. As an affiliate company of ZAF Energy Systems, BGM initially targeted chemistries to support the scaled manufacturing of its Nickel Zinc battery technology.  This vertical integration strategy was adopted to minimize commodity price fluctuations and provide ZAF’s licensee partners a quality controlled and low-cost supply of key materials.  BGM has expanded its offerings to include Nickel sulfate and Cobalt sulfate to support the ongoing growth in the lithium battery sector. 

Our Products

LCF Zinc Oxide

Zinc holds many properties that make it an ideal chemistry for batteries and zinc-based technologies are emerging as a safe and low-cost alternative to lead acid and lithium. 

LCF Nickel Hydroxide

BGM’s low-carbon footprint (LCF) Nickel Hydroxide incorporates processes that reduce the environmental impact in the mining, transportation, smelting and refining of traditional Nickel. 

Conflict-Free Cobalt

Cobalt is an important element in boosting power in most high-performance battery chemistries.

LCF Calcium Zincate

Calcium zincate has a chemical formula of CaZn2(OH)6∙2H2O and is mainly used as an active material in the negative electrode in zinc-based battery chemistries, such as Nickel-Zinc and Zinc-Air.

Conscious Chemistry

BGM’s objective is to provide conflict free metals and the lowest-carbon-footprint (LCF) chemistries to the battery industry. Our business model leverages the proven Caron processes and targets strategic zinc and nickel mines to produce low-cost battery chemistries with an emphasis on reducing overall carbon outputs associated with traditional mining processes,  In addition, BGM is finalizing the development of sustainable “smelter free” recycling of Nickel Zinc batteries and returning all recycled components back into battery grade specifications.

Reducing Cost Without Sacrificing Purity

Through our proprietary processes, we can reduce the cost of Nickel Hydroxide by 60% and Zinc Oxide by 50% while retaining the purities required to meet the demands of the battery and advanced electronics industries.  Our Executive team has over 80 years in the battery industry and 120 years in the mining and material processing sectors.  We are uniquely positioned to leverage our connections in the battery and mining industries to secure demand and supply partners.

  • Reduction in Cost of Nickel Hydroxide 60% 60%
  • Reduction in Cost of Zinc Oxide 50% 50%

Our Executive team has over 80 years in the battery industry and 120 years in the mining and material processing sectors.

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